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my name is Julia, I would like to promote your new Blog-to-Video function on my Instagram account.
Kind Regards
Julia Profilbild
VloggsMe Profilbild


Hello Julia,
Thank you for your kind message. We really like your Instagram profile and would be happy if you promote Blog-to-Video.
Please upload your custom image in this chat and we will create your background-clip :)
Kind Regards
Benjamin from

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Blog-to-Video Text

Why Blog-to-Video?

Blog-to-Video makes it possible to publish your written text in a video.
You can easily increase your followers on social media, upload your videos to YouTube and generate income.

New Content

New content makes your blog more valuable and you will get more readers.


You can easily upload your videos on YouTube without the effort of producing videos.

Social Media

Upload your videos on Facebook etc. Videos on social media get way more views than images or text.

More Traffic

Get more viewers through the uploading of multipule videos

More Income

All of these points can help you generating more income. You can upload your videos on YouTube and monetize them, get more attention on your ads and affiliate-links.

3 Simple Steps

Different design options

Create an article

Upload your blog-article via copy and paste and style it with the editor

article writing

Font-Style, Music, Video

Choose from a variety of font-styles, background music, background videos or images and create your personal video.

Blog-to-Video examples

Preview, Publish

Watch your video and publish it.


Blog-to-Video facts

High Quality HD 720p
Long Videos Up to 20 Minutes
Variety of
Variety of
Price free
Looking for a customized solution for your company?
more Information
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